New Patients


Residential areas served by the practice include Palfrey, Caldmore, Pleck, and Delves. When registering, please bring a Proof of I.D including a Utility Bill or Bank Statement, and Proof of Address. You will need your NHS number (from your previous GP), and complete a registration form and new patient questionnaire. If you move out of the practice area, you will need to register with a new practice.

We are located at 151 Wednesbury Road, Walsall, WS1 4JQ, and serve the area within the practice boundary. Please call our reception staff if you are interested in registering as a new patient and want to know if you live in the practice boundary.

GP Boundary Map

Registration Form

You can register by completing a registration form which can be downloaded below or obtained from the practice. Please bring the completed form along to reception with your medical record if you have it.

When you register, we will ask you to make an appointment to see the healthcare assistant for a new patient health check. This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks, to promote your health and well-being, are up-to-date. Please ensure that you attend such appointments.