Prescribing Medicines

​Prescribing medicines for certain conditions has changed. You may no longer be able to receive some medicines on prescription and may have to buy these from a pharmacy or supermarket in your local community (Black Country ICB).

As of 06.07.2020 Palfrey Health Centre has changed the procedure for accepting acute medication requests. We will no longer be accepting acute medication requests from any pharmacy. Requests must come from the patient directly, please use the prescription form.

Prescription form

This can also be found by the front entrance to the practice, completed forms must be put in the prescriptions box located outside.

You can also order your medication using E-Consult via

Prescribing Incentive Scheme

Black Country ICB Medicines Management team, Practice Based Pharmacists and other NHS pharmacy teams will be supporting GP practices to conduct medication reviews, clinical audits, medicine safety and medicines optimisation initiatives for patient care. Some of the audits are optional. Should you not wish your medical records to be used in this way please contact a member of staff at any time.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)

If you get regular or repeat prescriptions, you could save time by switching to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD).

eRD sends your prescriptions electronically from your GP surgery to a pharmacy of your choice. It’s easy to use and you don’t need a computer or electronic device. Ask your GP or pharmacist to set it up for you.

eRD allows your GP to prescribe your regular medicines for up to a year. It’s reliable, secure and confidential. Your regular prescriptions are stored securely on the NHS database, so they’ll be ready at the pharmacy each time you need them.
Using eRD you can:

• save time by avoiding unnecessary trips or calls to your GP every time you need to order a repeat prescription
• order or cancel your repeat prescriptions online (if your GP practice offers this service)
• pick up your repeat prescriptions directly from your pharmacy without having to visit your GP
• spend less time waiting for your prescription in the pharmacy or GP practice
• save paper – you won’t need a paper prescription to collect your medicine from the pharmacy

For more information about eRD and how it works, ask at your GP surgery or pharmacy, or visit the NHS website:

Local Pharmacy

Changes to prescribing of over the counter medicines for minor ailments.