Palfrey Health Centre is a Research Active Practice.

​We are always looking for ways to improve your care and where possible access new and novel treatments.

​We partner with NHS National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to help gather the information that helps save lives.

​If you could be suitable for a study, we may get in touch to let you know.

Together we can improve the lives of people with diabetes, cancer, dementia.

​If you rather we didn’t contact you please tell the practice team, and we’ll update your records.

Palfrey Health Centre is certified Research Ready by the Royal College of General Practitioners

​NIHR Clinical Research Network West Midlands



The purpose of this study is to assess the usage of the Miboko devise by patients who are obese as an
aid to reduce weight, manage their health and reduce their risk of developing diabetes.

For more information Miboko Study



This study aims to understand women’s experiences of being offered vaccinations in pregnancy. Your participation could help improve women’s care and the equality of vaccination provision across England. It involves an anonymous online survey, or talking to a researcher about your experiences.

For more information MAVIS


LOLIPOP 100K study

The purpose of this study is to improve our understanding of the causes of heart disease, diabetes
and cancer, as well as many other important ‘chronic conditions’ such as asthma, visual impairment,
memory loss and obesity. We are trying to work out why some people, but not others, develop these
health problems

For more information LOLIPOP