Autism West Midlands

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There are more than half a million autistic people living in the UK, an invisible and misunderstood disability. 60,000 live in the West Midlands.

We are the leading charity in the West Midlands for people on the autism spectrum. We use our expertise to enrich the lives of autistic people and those who love and care for them. Our passionate, expert staff and volunteers work across all age groups and abilities, providing direct support.

We support autistic people to live as independently as possible, in residential care, or in their own or the family home

We provide a free autism information helpline offering a first point of contact for families and individuals in crisis

We provide advice and support sessions families and carers of children on the autistic spectrum

We enable adults to access support within their local community to build resilience, confidence, and skills to actively participate in society

We offer training to parents, professionals and individuals and much more!